Bee Bosnak interviewed by Vaara

Rebecca Slaughter

What sparked your interest in wellness topics and specifically, yoga and meditation?

I've always had a fascination with the meaning of life. I grew up listening to my father talk about Freud and Carl Jung. I was curious about the inner landscape of our internal world and how our psyche works. From a very young age, I have always felt connected to something that is far greater than what is. I'm on this journey of hacking the flow state. 


Wellness right now has become a sort of trend to be honest. It's a multi-billion dollar industry and most people have no idea what being "well" really means. What I teach is all about accessing the foundation of being well. It is working on all levels of the body from physical, emotional to mental. The root of being "well" is truly in the Spirit. The essence of who we are as human beings comes from our Spirit. When we skip Spiritual work, we skip something so crucial. Yoga and meditation help us connect back to what we have forgotten all along, that everything we need is within us. 


At what point in your life did you decide to become a certified instructor? What were you doing before that?

I was in the fashion industry for 16 years before I found yoga and meditation. Becoming a teacher changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined. I never went into it wanting to become a guide, it sort of happened organically with a little push from something unexplainable inside of me. Teaching gave me an outlet to share my voice and become a messenger of yoga. The yoga I teach is about philosophy, integrity and embodiment. The poses are simply a gateway to something much bigger than the pose itself. It's not about getting to the edge of the shape, but rather to the edge of life.


We're all living in a dark room desperately trying to find the light in things, people and titles/labels. When we genuinely understand that the light we seek out there is actually in here, this is the first step to our unstoppable evolution. 


For people who may not be as familiar, give us the beginner's breakdown for somatic, sound, and shadow work. How can they benefit someone's overall well-being?

    The work I do involves the 3 S’s. Somatic studies is connecting with your body, to notice your sensations, how you breathe. It’s about moving away from the conscious mind (thinking) and going deeper into a level of the unconscious (being). Because the body keeps score of each memory, somatic work helps in opening up each and every memory box without re-traumatizing the student/client from past experiences. In this way, when we shift the language of our body through posture, we change how we walk through life.


    Sound healing is about tapping into the rhythm of the instruments that I play, such as the harmonium, koshi bells, the gong as well as the tibetan singing bowls and the crystal frosted bowls. I'm also a huge bhakti yogi and believe in the power of chanting. When we chant mantra, the consciousness of the chanter changes. Shadow work is essentially bringing to light what is in the dark. It's sort of like looking under the carpet and noticing what has been shoved down into the deep narrow corners. 
    All 3 systems work so beautifully with the yoga and meditation techniques that I guide. It allows the work to become much more integrated.

    Tell us about your retreats. How do you pick the destinations?

    My retreats are a combination of everything I do put into one. Each retreat serves a different purpose and is concentrated on a particular theme, but all of my retreats fall into the umbrella of my signature method Heal Yourself. Each destination: from Thailand, Costa Rica, Sicily, Tuscany, Bali, Mykonos, Spain and much more... creates a vibration, mood and connection to the earth in a magical way. 
    My next immersions/retreats:
    The Women’s Healing Immersion | Chelsea, NYC | September 13-15
    Heal Yourself Retreats:
    Bodrum, Turkey | September 26-29
    Mykonos, Greece | October 8-13
    Ubud, Bali | April 11-18 2020
    To learn more, visit

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