Dria Murphy interviewed by Vaara

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Dria Murphy, Founder of creative brand-building company Alise Collective and co-founder of the ness, an exclusive boutique fitness studio in NYC. I’m originally from San Francisco but moved to New York City to work in traditional fashion PR and have made the city my home over the last 8 years. I started working in PR at Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Topshop before starting my own business almost four years ago. I love to bounce on a trampoline, try new restaurants, sip tequila and rosé, and hang with friends and family. 


What inspired you to start Alise Collective?

I founded Alise Collective almost four years ago. I was working in the start-up space and had to experience, as many do, a disappointment when the business didn’t succeed. Creating Alise Collective happened organically - I looked to my incredible mentors around me and really dug deep to figure out what I wanted to do. From there, I began to take on products, people, brands, and places that I truly believe in and would personally use. 


When you're not running a business you're....

I’m always working, 365 days a year. Owning my own business, plus the nature of the industry, really means that there’s no off switch. Because of that, I have to work really hard to find the time to shut off. I love to bounce on the trampoline to clear my head and get a good sweat. I also have to make the conscious effort to prioritize sleep or even just staying in to watch Bravo - I think it’s all about finding small moments to be present and look inward.


Our brand is built on three pillars, Perform, Rest and Enhance. Tell us what each of those means to your lifestyle.

Perform: I perform every day with my job. It is important to be “on” or perform to get things done and in a successful manner. 

Rest: Rest is a crucial part of success. It is something I have to actively work on. You have to reset in order to be able to perform well and be your best self. 

Enchance: I am always looking to enhance my skills and knowledge. I also hope I can enhance other people's lives with friendship, advice and support. 


What does your fitness regimen look like?

I love to be active almost every day. I try to get to the ness for a bounce or sculpt class as often as I can.  When I can’t get to the studio and don’t have a trampoline handy, I like to take myself through some sculpt work and then get some cardio in whether that is a run, surf lesson or a bike ride.


Best health tip you've received recently?

To find ways to stop self-bullying. I think many women are so hard on themselves, including myself. I’ve learned that mental health and wellness is not only as important as the physical but often even harder to work on. It’s definitely something to prioritize daily, even though it’s easiest to neglect, and I think the first step is giving yourself the space to make mistakes without judgment. 


Favourite Vaara piece?

I love the Flo Tuxedo Legging and Elsa Bicolour Bra. I have 3 sets and can’t get enough. I love how flattering it is. 


What can we expect to see from you in the next couple of months? Any projects we should look out for?

You will have to wait and see! :) 


You recently helped launch a new fitness concept, The Ness. Tell us about this?

The ness is an exclusive boutique fitness studio with beat-based trampoline cardio and muscle-sculpting classes. It’s currently invitation only (to jump the waitlist, use referral code “Dria”) so the small class setting is more like a private session with your friends than your average fitness class. I think New Yorkers are craving a place of stillness that doesn’t sacrifice a challenging sweat. The studio is light-filled, airy and feels like home. 


Favourite weekend destination to get out of the city?

I have been spending my summers in the Hamptons for the last 6+ years and it has become my home away from home. I have built part of my business out here as well so I am able to work from out East. Some of my favourite spots include Crow’s Nest for dinner, my deck for mediation, Ditch Plains for surfing, Surf Lodge for sunset concert, Duryea’s for lunch, Montauket for sunset. 

Dria wearing the Elsa Bra and Flo Tuxedo Legging in copper/ivory

The Ness NYC

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