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The Vaara Brand

Founded by Tatiana Korsakova, to reimagine the concept of athleisure

VAARA is a London-based fashion brand guided by a philosophy of uniqueness and exceptional quality, creating versatile collections that offer unparalleled comfort, structure, and support throughout the day. Each collection constantly evolves while staying true to the brand's DNA, celebrating and empowering modern women and their dynamic lifestyles.

Today, VAARA stands as a benchmark of elegance, sophistication, and functionality in the world of athleisure. Providing a wardrobe that effortlessly transitions and transforms.

Transformative Collections

At the heart of our creative endeavour lies a boundless well of inspiration, drawing from myriad sources- the world of art and activity or the essence of everyday life. We believe that innovation can be born from the simplest materials or processes, just as it can be ignited by the profound emotions they evoke.